Acrylic Collection | January 25th

It wasn’t but ONE day after Christmas, and fresh ideas were stirring for the new year! Introducing the Acrylic Collection! This collection is special to me because each piece is a unique extension of work from recent painting series. These acrylics are a cool and different way to style artwork - art that’s not just for the walls!

  • The Acrylic Art Display Box is a lucite box with my floral art print in the top! It is perfect to keep jewelry, photos, keepsakes, recipe cards, or to use as a coffee table decoration! There are two different floral design options featured to choose from.

  • The ‘Serene Beach’ Acrylic Display Tray can be used to serve cocktails, sweet treats, style flower arrangements, candles, jewelry, or use it to organize your bathroom counter or bar cart! It features the 12x12 giclee print of my newest beach painting, ‘Serene Beach.’

  • The Acrylic Framed Landscapes come in three different options set in heavy 8x8 thick frames and are a fun way to stand a piece of art anywhere - on an entryway chest, bookshelf, kitchen counter, bedside table, etc. etc.!

This collection goes live on Friday, January 25th at 10:00am cst! I’m so excited to finally share these with you and see how you style them!

xo KK